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Hi everyone!! Hope you’re having an excellent week. I’m in NYC now and it received me with a really big snow storm, at least it is the biggest one I’ve seen. I felt like a child when you just look outside the window and want to go out and play, all I wanted to do was to stay out and feel the snow (as weird as it may sound), but as you can imagine it was impossible.

It was really freezing and the wind made it harder for me to stay out and of course, as you can see, to take some pictures. Most locals had to interrupt work to get to their homes because the storm was increasing. I don’t know why but, today just made me realize how much I’ve missed this city. It has a lot of things that most people would run or hide from but, it gives you what no other city in the world can give you: the ability to feel immediately at home, like if you belong here from the moment you set foot trying to conquer the city. Keep in touch and thank you for following!!
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