Hi everyone!! Sorry for keeping you in the loop! I’m in the process of “relaunching” the blog!! New face, new ideas, same direction!!! I really hope you like it!!! I’m in Orlando Florida again, this time with two of my closest friends, and it’s amazing how being in the theme parks and acting all “Mickey Mouse’y” gives you the perfect excuse to feel like a child. There are no problems, your life becomes worry free for a little while, you feel you have the power to overcome anything just by believing in dreams!!! It’s amazing how inside Walt Disney World you can be whoever you want to be!!! You can be a heroe, you can be a villain, you can be a princess, you can be a fairy, you can be a pirate, you can be charming, you can be fat, short, tall, thin, white, black, asian, latin, (“It’s a small world after all”) it doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do because we are all looking for the same. We blend in, there is no difference there, we all go to this land for hope, fun, and the illusion that our lives can be what we want them to be, that anything can be acquired by the simple notion of making a wish!!! I think we all want to be childish again and be innocent enough to make believe once in a while!!!