Photo by Gotham Magazine, which categorized The Commons of Pensacola as a Must See!
As you may have seen on Instagram, I went to the theater yesterday and it really surprised me. It wasn’t the regular Broadway show we all go some time in our lives, this was, at least for me, an unexpected surprise. The theater is called Manhattan Theater Club, founded in 1970 under the leadership of Artistic Director Lynne Meadow and Executive Producer Barry Grove. It is an organization dedicated to bring theater to the widest possible audience, by innovative en educative productions which serve as home of many on and off Broadway shows.

It has grown a lot since it stated and now it has a subscriber base of 20,000. “As a nonprofit organization, Manhattan Theater Club relies on tax-deductible contributions to support its productions and it’s Artistic Development and Education Programs. Each year individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies contribute to MTC’s success,…” During the year they present different plays with different productions, I got to watch one of my favorite persons: Sarah Jessica Parker on “The Commons of Pensacola,” directed by Amanda Peet. The play was fun, dramatic, and she was outstanding, as well as Blythe Danner (which we all have seen on “Meet the Fockers” as the mother). The play consisted only on one scenery and 6 artists and it was all it needed. They were all amazing and time flies by without even knowing, they kept the audience totally engaged. The best part of this experience is that the theater is small so you get to see the actors up close and the price is accessible, around $104 on fourth row. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about this because not all of us know about this theater and the productions it offers, the experience it brings is memorable; so maybe next time you want to see a play try looking up for tickets on MTC, there is always something interesting and out of the ordinary waiting for you to enjoy. Thanks for reading!!!!