Hello my dear readers, I am sorry for being absent for the last weeks, between the classes and some new projects that hopefully will start soon, I had a lot going on. I am in Nuevo Vallarta in Jalisco Mexico. The place is about 20 minutes away from downtown Puerto Vallarta. I am staying at Grand Luxxe, which is the luxury hotel from the big chain Mayan Palace. The place is enormous and the accommodations are beautiful, with rustic decorations. It has plenty of restaurants to chose from, which include Mexican, seafood, italian, and even a buffet everyday for breakfast and dinner. It has a kids pool area with a slow river and a water slide, where kids can spend hours having fun. Inside the hotel you can also find a market place, where you can do some shopping from several Mexican brands including Pineda Covalin. You can also shop for flowers, delicious chocolates, wine, crepes, and vegetables.
Outside the hotel area I recommend having lunch at “Las 8 Tostadas,” it is my favorite local restaurant in Nuevo Vallarta. The place is not fancy at all but the food is astounding. You will find different types of seafood tacos, quesadillas, ceviche, tuna tartar, carpaccio, and empanadas. Everything is served fresh, and perfectly seasoned. The fish tacos are surprisingly tasty, fresh, and crunchy on the outside. The ceviche and the tuna carpaccio are a must try. If your looking for local food to try, this is the place to go, the only bad thing is that it closes at 8 pm so come early.
The other two restaurant to go to in Nuevo Vallarta are “La Dolce Vita” and italian joint, and “La Laguna de Timo” another amazing local seafood restaurant. This place is even less fancy than 8 Tostadas, but the food is extraordinary. The menu is simple but it doesn’t need anything else because the seafood by itself is tasty enough. The must try here is the Red Snapper Sarandeado, a traditional grilled fish dish from Mexico’s Pacific Coast. The fish is rubbed in a garlic and chile paste and then grilled to perfection. The fish was extremely soft with a small chili and garlic crust which was mild and reduced the salty flavor of the fish, making every bite wonderful. And the plus in this place is that you can spot celebrities from time to time.
Come to Nuevo Vallarta and explore the magnificent nature that this place has to offer, just watch out for the iguanas, they sure know how to make an entrance.
Visit Mexico!!!!