In the quest for an unsuccessful chocolate week in NYC, I ended up in these places drinking for what seems the best hot chocolate. When I go to New York I always try to find events or activities that the city hosts at a very affordable price, specially the ones about food; so I did some research and because of Valentines Day, some restaurants offer a week of amazing chocolate desserts with champaign, tea, or hot chocolate pairings. The thing is that I didn’t realize that they only did it last year, nevertheless I decided to try their hot chocolate.

I went to The Pain Quotidien, and it was my favorite!!! I ordered the regular Belgian Hot Chocolate, and the waitress arrived with a hot bubbly cup of milk with cocoa powder sprinkled on top and a small pot of melted chocolate. I loved this idea, you can pour as much or as little chocolate as you want and enjoy a true hot chocolate just the way you want it. I almost pour all of it and even though it was not overwhelming nor sickly sweet, it was just perfect.
Afterwards I went to The City Bakery, “… home of New York’s favorite hot chocolate…” The place is really big, lots of space to sit down, and so versatile; it has a bakery, a coffee shop, a juice bar, a buffet with salads, soups, pastas, and sandwiches, and a chocolate room. What I thought was interesting about this place, is that every ingredient they use is locally produced, they all come form the farmers market at Union Square just blocks away. I only tried the hot chocolate, because it was February and Valentines Day around the corner, they held a calendar featuring different flavors of hot chocolate every day during the month. That day they were having a lemon hot chocolate, they served it with a gigantic marshmallow on top, the flavors were interesting but good; however, for me, it was a little strong and overpowering. I couldn’t finish it all, it was too sweet, specially because of the marshmallow, but if you really like things too sweet, this is the perfect hot chocolate for you. Also they have the one and only “Pretzel Croissant,” a sweet, salty, and buttery pastry slightly crunchy on the outside but flaky and soft on the inside. Everything about this place makes it the favorite for many locals to have a delicious and fulfilling lunch.
Hope you like them, thanks for reading!!!

Ratings for both:
Price: $$
Staff: Friendly
Ambiance: Casual, cozy and comfy.