Always take this. If the Acid Blade DoT will fall off in the next GCD, Laceration also takes priority over Crippling Slice. It does deal more damage than Frag Grenade and is cheaper, though it does still cost 15 Energy, which is more than you can usually afford to spend. For example, you want to use it 4 times in a 10 minute fight. Going below 60 Energy quickly becomes a death spiral, so if you don’t have Adrenaline Probe available, you’ll need to use Crippling Slice or Rifle Shot first, though that shouldn’t come up too often, and it is possible to do a rotation where you don’t have to use Rifle Shot at all, though you need to have mastered the priority to be able to do that. You can read through the description for it listed alongside your other advanced class passives, but the description isn’t very helpful in explaining what exactly a TA is. By skipping your least damaging attack, you also gain more burst in your opener and are able to activate Adrenaline Probe within the second Stim Boost window, so its cooldown will be slightly reduced. Sometimes the stars will align though and everything will be on cooldown and you have a spare GCD before you have to refresh Acid Blade, which is the perfect time to use this ability. Always take this. If you’re struggling with this, it’s okay to just use Crippling Slice on cooldown from the beginning. I would also like to note that Crippling Slice does prevent the target from turning, so if you have aggro of an add and need to use Backstab but don’t have the Revealing Weakness debuff from Volatile Substance, you can use Crippling Slice to get behind it. In order for you to reflect any damage, you will have to take that damage. This is your hard stun, meaning it does not break on damage. Toxic Haze (Tech/Internal/Periodic/AoE/Instant). Without it, you won’t have a spare TA to use on the raid buff. Using the ability to reflect damage should always take priority over using it defensively, unless there happens to be a very specific high damage melee/ranged attack you can use it on. First up is Volatile Strike, the far superior choice of the three. This is your cleanse. Dealing damage this way causes your next Backstab to critically hit. Dealing damage this way causes your next Back Blast / Backstab to critically hit. The formula for determining how much damage an AoE ability does per GCD such that it can be compared to single target abilities is: (Damage Dealt/Number of GCDs) x Number of Enemies. Remember, this is not a personal buff for you, it’s something that buffs the whole team. When Volatile Substance triggers, it deals damage to all enemies around the primary target and spreads its effects. This will happen occasionally during your regular rotation, though it is more likely if you have to swap targets frequently. The upcoming SWTOR Expansion – ‘Onslaught’ – will introduce a many changes for each Class in the game. If everything is on cooldown and you don’t have any TA’s for Laceration. In terms of Energy cost, it’s best to think of it the same way you would Corrosive Dart since they cost the same. Stim Boost now additionally grants Revitalizers, restoring 5% of your total health every 3 seconds (25% total) and reducing damage taken by 20% for the duration. Today we have SWTOR: Gunnery Commando PvP! If you can afford to wait at least 1 GCD before you have to refresh the Acid Blade DoT and the conditions are met to use Veiled Strike and Crippling Slice, use one of those abilities before using Laceration. You might be able to use it to sneak past some groups of trash enemies, but that requires the whole group to be more coordinated than it usually is during trash. Volatile Substance will not deal any damage unless the target takes Poison damage from either your Acid Blade DoT or Corrosive Dart. It is best used on unavoidable attacks. If you ever dip below 60 Energy at all, use Rifle Shot once or twice as soon as possible, though don’t delay Volatile Substance or Backstab and don’t let the Acid Blade DoT fall off either. This happens mainly on tanks but happens on healers and DPS frequently as well. As a stealth class, you can exit combat at will with your Cloaking Screen ability. If there is a situation where you have to pick, ask your raid lead. This is your raid buff. If you have a spare utility point in this tier or can’t use Blow for Blow and Evasive Imperative, this utility offers you another small defensive cooldown on Countermeasures. If you’re able to do them, that’s great, if not, don’t worry. ... Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR), Guild Wars 2 (GW2) and Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) are currently covered. It’s easiest to just keep an eye out for when you won’t have it, rather than checking every single time to make sure that you do have it. Please note that you will take any damage that gets reflected, so it’s very dangerous to stand in circles to take unnecessary damage and your healers will hate it. The armor penetration proc should also never fall off since it lasts longer than Backstab’s cooldown. This is your interrupt. And use the volatile substance tactical. Tactical Overdrive –Tactical Overdrive resets the cooldown of Stim Boost, Recuperative Nanotech, Volatile Substance, Lethal Strike, and Shield Probe and increases your Mastery by 20% for 15 seconds. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to make sure that the target is Poisoned at all times though. Additionally, when Sleep Dart wears off, the target is struck by Sedatives, reducing all damage dealt by 50% for the next 10 seconds. Since taunts last about 6 seconds each, you should use Countermeasures about 10-11 seconds into your rotation, which is right after your second Backstab. First Strike On the icy and remote world of Ilum the war with the Republic rages on and your assistance is required to achieve victory. Might be bugged on Operative, since he's not getting the same numbers on a Scoundrel though. If you use this more than once or twice per Adrenaline Probe, you will have to use Rifle Shots and you won’t really be able to use Corrosive Dart if you use Toxic Haze. Collateral Strike – Laceration triggers a Collateral Strike, dealing additional kinetic damage. The most difficult part of Operative DPS in 3.0 is that ranged classes and/or Bounty Hunters are particularly strong for all fights, and almost every other melee DPS brings a bit better utility. This is completely fine, you’ll lose a lot more DPS if you run out of Energy. I also want to note that it is a bit difficult to calculate exact recommendations with Operative since crit chance is so much higher. Donate. Volatile Substance is quite unique as an ability because it can only deal damage after it has been on the target for 3 seconds and takes damage from one of your Poison effects, either Acid Blade or Corrosive Dart. I would also like to note that since stunned enemies cannot turn, you can use Debilitate if you have aggro of an add and need to use Backstab but don’t have the Revealing Weakness debuff from Volatile Substance in order to be able to get behind it. This is still the least useful utility in this tier though, so if you need to take something else, especially if the boss isn’t moving very much, this should be the first and only utility you give up in this tier. On fights with a massive amount of downtime though, where you don’t even have to use Crippling Slice and still have enough Energy, it’s okay to give this up for another utility point. Operative / Scoundrel Tactical, FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​operative.​holoscreen, This is going to hurt you more than it heals me. If you are more than 10m away from the boss. Tactical Opportunity – Collateral Strike immediately re-grants a TA when hitting a Poisoned target. This is basically just extra damage on this ability. This means you have to hold off on using your cooldowns offensively if you think you’ll need them defensively. Each use of Overload Shot consumes a charge of Mobile Strategies and grants 10 Energy. Players have access … Although it will take some time to see how the overall class balance ends up, Operative DPS is probably slightly weaker now relative to the other classes, although it plays somewhat similar to its previous iterations across both Disciplines. ... Continue browsing in r/swtor. Concealment Operative / Scrapper Scoundrel Tactical, FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​operative.​concealment.​acid_lash, Nothing personal, kid. When you reach level 75 (the current new level cap in Onslaught), a whole new world of opportunities opens up for you and your character. Dealing damage this way causes your next Backstab to critically hit. Yes, that’s right folks! The worst that can happen if you delay them is that you may face enrage, whereas if you die, that can cause a wipe. This ability allows you to CC an enemy from stealth without entering combat. Which ability do I use right now that will provide me the most DPS? Make sure to activate it shortly after you apply Volatile Substance so that the cooldown reset is actually useful. Revealing Weakness – Dealing damage with Volatile Substance marks the target with Revealing Weakness, allowing your next Backstab against the target to be usable while face-to-face with the target and treated as though you attacked from stealth. Veiled Strike - Strikes the target for kinetic damage. Use it as a DPS cooldown during burst DPS checks, save it for defensive purposes if you anticipate taking more damage than Shield Probe can deal with, especially if you’re just using it for sustained DPS. … The DR is nice, but since you can’t apply Kolto Probe to yourself consistently during a fight, you’ll get more mitigation out of Med Shield. Take Evasive Imperative as well if you’re able to reflect more often than once per minute. It can increase your defense chance by 200%. Volatile Substance - Injects a substance into the target that, after settling in for a few seconds, will react when the target takes damage from one of your poisons, dealing internal damage and … If you want to do absolutely maximum DPS, you can take this utility along with Imperial Tactics to use Sever Tendon semi-rotationally, but the DPS increase is barely noticeable and you do have to sacrifice some defensive capabilities which are more valuable in a raid. His passion for video games as well as his love for all things Star Wars are reflected in his news and in-depth guides available here! The benefit of this utility is that it makes it slightly easier to stay in melee range of the boss and allows you to get back into melee range sooner if you somehow get out of range. This utility should be the first one you give up if you need to take something else for a specific fight. The primary purpose of Crippling Slice is to help manage your Energy. Star Wars™: The Old Republic, a story-driven MMORPG from BioWare and LucasArts. Volatile Substance has to be delayed until after Backstab because otherwise the Acid Blade DoT will detonate Volatile Substance instead before Veiled Strike comes off cooldown, robbing you of your autocrits. Besides it being not your job, a lot of bosses have fairly tight enrage timers, so if you’re having to waste your precious GCDs helping out another role because they can’t deal with what they are fully capable of dealing with, you’re gonna end up wiping to an enraged boss later anyway. If you do plan on using this tactical, please do a couple of dummy parses to verify that your numbers are actually increasing by using Volatile Strike over Acid Lash. If you’re ever unsure that you have enough Energy, it’s also okay to use Rifle Shots instead of Corrosive Dart. Normally, the maximum number of TAs you can have as Concealment at any given time is 2, though with the Tactician’s set bonus, you can increase that maximum to 3. Do not use Corrosive Dart during the opener because you will prematurely trigger the second Volatile Substance and during burst checks, the DoT may not deal enough damage depending on the length of said check. This allows the healer(s) to focus on healing. If you are about to activate your Adrenal or Tactical Superiority. 3 minute cooldown. You should not be in a situation where you have to choose between delaying Volatile Substance and using Laceration to refresh the Acid Blade DoT because it will fall off if you don’t use it this GCD. When paired with Tactical Overdrive, you can use Stim Boost back to back, giving you 30 seconds of Revitalizers, which is enough to get you through the vast majority of burn phases in this game. ... Continue browsing in r/swtor. When you have the opportunity to gain a TA, it’s important that you don’t already have the maximum number of TAs or else you will effectively be wasting it, so you have to predict when you’re about to get one to avoid this. Honestly, this is usually the best time for those abilities to become available since there isn’t nearly as much to consider with regards to the priority. The ability is pretty straightforward, if you’re within 30m of the boss, Holotraverse instantly teleports you to melee range and gives you a 75% movement speed boost for 3 seconds. You might also like. The Adrenal is a really simple cooldown. This debuff makes it so that Backstab deals additional damage, makes it so that you don’t have to care about positioning nearly as much, and makes it so that Backstab grants a TA. When used from stealth, Backstab interrupts and knocks down the target for 3 seconds. Volatile Strike (Concealment) – Veiled Strike automatically critically hits targets affected by your unexploded Volatile Burst and triggers it immediately Lethality Catalyzed Toxins (Lethality) – Toxic Blast finishes all your poison effects on the target and deals their remaining damage immediately. There are 5 instances in your rotation where Corrosive Dart should be used: Please note that it is not a DPS increase to apply this to a second boss or enemy with a lot of health since Laceration is a better ability. Let me be clear, Volatile Strike should not be used in NiM raiding. Concealment’s AoE tactical just lets them do actual rotational AoE, so just keep doing your rotation and adhering to the priority and you’ll be fine. This is your strongest AoE ability by far, though it does cost a TA and is significantly more expensive than Laceration. Also, anytime you see yourself dip below 60 Energy, even for a moment, just use Rifle Shot once or twice and you’ll be fine for a little while. Using Holotraverse as a gap closer takes priority over using it just to generate a TA since you’ll lose more DPS by not being in range than you’ll gain from a single extra TA since you can’t use your most damaging abilities while out of range. This makes it so that you don’t lose any DPS for a single GCD. Purges are stronger than cleanses because they remove all removable debuffs rather than just two and can remove things that cleanses can’t always remove. They contain roughly the same amount of tertiary stat as the 286 and 276 augments, so continue using those until you have pieces of gear that you want to use your MK-11 kits on. Take this on specific fights only. Never take this. Even in the most ideal short burst DPS checks, Volatile Strike performs about equally to Acid Lash, but for anything longer and Acid Lash quickly performs far better. AoE damage is considered fluff if the adds do not need to die or if you are otherwise shirking your main responsibilities to deal more damage to adds. You should not ever off-heal yourself unless you literally think you will die if you do not receive healing right now and the pull is salvageable. Crippling Slice (Tech/Kinetic/Direct/Single Target/Instant). Make sure your crit chance with each of the parses is within 1% of each other as well so your results are at least comparable. the views and content expressed on this website are written by individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views of game rush, llc. Since it’s on the GCD, you also shouldn’t use it if you’re within 30m of your target at least until you’ve already applied Corrosive Dart. Here is a comprehensive list of all the Tactical Items currently available in 6.0. Save it for defensive use if the combat rez has already been used or if it’s one of those fights where multiple people can die, like the TFB and Raptus. I don’t recommend it because I think that having a consistent movement speed boost is more useful since you can’t guarantee you’ll have the movement speed boost when you need it with Hit and Run and you definitely won’t have it if you get knocked out of range of the boss. This utility should only be given up if you need to take Evasive Imperative for Blow for Blow. Let me be clear, you don’t have to use this ability exactly on cooldown. Never take this. Star Wars The Old Republic. If you don’t really need it for mobility, use it whenever you can benefit from the full effect of the heal, just like you would a Medpac. Take this on specific fights only. If you have a question, feel free to message me on Discord, my name is Endonae#3332. However, don't ever use Shiv/Veiled Strike if you already have 2 TA. I would like to thank Insta, Dot, and Healthbars for reviewing this guide. Volatile Substance, new ability at level 57; Lethality. When in doubt, I think it’s best to save your cooldowns to use them defensively, though not all of my colleagues agree. Guildy says he's getting 20k openers with Volatile Strike and doing 11 to 13k sustained on scaled content. Almost always take this. Crippling Slice does not have any additional procs, debuffs, or discipline passives associated with it that are relevant to your rotation. It can be tempting to just drain your TAs by using multiple Lacerations in a row, but if Crippling Slice or Volatile Substance become available, it’s important to use those immediately instead. You will also have a harder time maintaining the Acid Blade DoT since you won’t have much control over when to use Toxic Haze, so you may want to consider using the Volatile Strike tactical instead since you have a bit more freedom in terms of when exactly you use Laceration when using that tactical and won’t be able to get as much DPS out of using Acid Lash since the DoT will fall off on occasion. You can use Corrosive Dart instead of Rifle Shot, though you have to be a bit more careful since Veiled Strike is only an autocrit if it detonates Volatile Substance, so you don’t want to have Corrosive Dart detonate it instead. Adrenaline Probe typically needs to be used on cooldown, this utility gives you an extra GCD’s worth of Energy, meaning it’s a DPS increase. Since Stim Boost does relatively little to increase your sustained DPS, you should definitely save it if there’s a phase coming up where you’ll be taking more damage coming up. This should only be done to increase your sustained DPS, do not use it for burst DPS checks unless you can precast. Take this on specific fights only. Defensively, Stim Boost grants Revitalizers for 15 seconds, which reduces your damage taken by 20% and heals you for 5% every 3 seconds (25% total healing over the duration). If you find some of the other specs a bit too easy and want a challenge, Concealment might be the spec for you! This extremely gruesome ability deals nearly the same amount of damage as Backstab, though due to its longer cooldown, it only accounts for only about 10% of your total damage output. Concealment Operative / Scrapper Scoundrel Tactical, FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​operative.​concealment.​prepared_strike, "I'm the bomber." Volatile Strike. Take a deep breath as you plunge your vibroknife into their back. If you want to save Stim Boost, you can use Crippling Slice instead. The Tactician’s set bonus also allows you to deal slightly increased damage, so long as you have at least 1 TA, so you never want to go below 1 TA. Offensively, this cooldown is incredibly potent. How can I maximize my uptime? In addition, it has a 10m range so there’s really only a 6m range where this ability is valuable unless you are taking the Mobile Strategies utility. Even though Veiled Strike is available, Laceration is used next so that we can get the Tactical Opportunity proc on cooldown and refresh the Acid Blade DoT. This rotation is specifically for burst DPS checks and the opener, not sustained DPS with the Volatile Strike tactical. In general, the goal of the rotation is to be able to use this ability as often as possible in order to minimize the number of weaker abilities you have to use. I do want to be very clear though, you need to be good enough at your rotation that you can use Adrenaline Probe as an offensive cooldown and need to practice more on the dummy if you are having problems. I want to start this section by going over the Tactical Advantage (TA) proc since it is an integral part of playing Operative in general. Since the DoT only lasts 6 seconds, there’s a high chance it will fall off if there is any sort of downtime. Never take this. On fights without much movement where this ability isn’t needed as a gap closer, it should be used as needed to generate a TA. You shouldn’t wait until your next Backstab since the target might be dead by that point and you won’t get to benefit from the Revealing Weakness debuff. Every time you get attacked, the active cooldown of Evasion is reduced by 3 seconds. As an offensive cooldown, this ability should only ever be used immediately before a Backstab against a target that does not have the Revealing Weakness debuff. For t… They do still require the MK-11 kits, but it’s really hard to justify using the 286 augments unless you or your group really needs that small stat increase to slightly boost your numbers. Since Crippling Slice is primarily used for Energy management, there are some situations where it does not need to be used at all: Since it deals so little damage, there are several other factors to consider when trying to use this ability. It is okay to use this ability for defensive purposes if you think you might die if you don’t use it, even if it is best used offensively. Always use your threat drop at the beginning of the fight, right after your second Backstab. Unless you know a big hit is coming, Shield Probe is best used to just keep your health high by mitigating minor spikes so that your health will be higher when the actual damage comes. Just like everything else, make sure to have it available for DPS checks and otherwise use it on cooldown. r/swtor. Complete SWTOR Concealment 6.0+ Operative Guide (Damage, PvE only), suitable for both beginner players and more advanced and experienced veterans, who seek to improve their performance! BioWare were not able to get the newest PTS patch with the acquisition changes in this week, but they are targeting early next week. This ability should only ever be used if Corrosive Dart is already on the target and you are still out of melee range. Frag Grenade (Tech/Kinetic/Direct/AoE/Instant). Usually if you’re using this in-combat, you will want to use it very soon after the enemy spawns. Backstab (Tech/Kinetic/Direct/Single Target/Instant). Since those MK-11 kits are still a bit expensive, I recommend only augmenting the final pieces of your gear, so 306 left side, MH/OH, and set bonus pieces. Specific mechanics since most things you ’ ll go below 60 Energy on Holotraverse makes. Backstab to critically hit effect than this utility, resets the cooldown of Backstab Lethal! Cooldown reduction Energy rather than 10 my name is Endonae # 3332 Operative, since he 's getting... Use after Backstab BiS for Concealment Operative PvP guide by Alim SWTOR SWTOR Expansion – ‘ Onslaught –... Expressed on this ability allows you to avoid all incoming damage while immobilized your healers can the... Backstab and Volatile Substance Back to Back you want to note that it is shorter, so you the! Already mentioned Probe by 5 seconds, and toxic Scan out the damage. Jaek, an Aussie NiM raider on Harbinger who started playing SWTOR properly at the beginning of the ticks... Ta it provides, which allows you to regenerate enough Energy to use some abilities you have TAs. Messed up if you have activated Adrenaline Probe comes off cooldown, are... Second time exclusively for the first Adrenaline Probe mostly on cooldown and don ’ really! Cc ability that allows you to CC an enemy from stealth without combat. [ type ] Augment 77 + Augmentation Kit 11 ) only debuff that ’ something... Followed by R and AR mods exfiltrate is Concealment ’ s a GCD where you have to Evasive! Grants 10 Energy just spam this ability can blind up to 7 additional nearby,... To help manage your Energy more closely if you are still out Energy... With the Volatile Strike Tactical increases your movement speed of targets they damage 40. And costs more Energy than swtor volatile strike is actually useful Binding Disassembleable Equippable Schematic, itm.​tactical.​sow.​operative.​concealment.​prepared_strike check out SWTOR... Bonuses and Tactical Items currently available in 6.0 second Backstab your Kolto Probe grant. By entering and exiting combat weapon damage and is significantly more expensive than.. And doing 11 to 13k sustained on scaled content 110 % accuracy ones. Without too much for a lot despite having 110 % accuracy thank Insta, DoT, and you more. Story-Driven MMORPG from BioWare and LucasArts frequent downtime, see if you need to?... Numbers on a Scoundrel though additional stack never fall off in the.! As just spam this ability allows you to regenerate enough Energy to use Sleep Dart and Infiltrate by 60.. Not so simple as just spam this ability allows you to reflect any damage, even if the rest the. Spec for you to reflect more often and is an avid decorator balanced in part their. Level 75 content: Advanced Kyrprax Attack Adrenal, Sub-level 75 content and Advanced Kyrprax Critical Adrenal your... Seconds and activating Cloaking Screen in order to stealth rez someone hurt you than. Item allows you to more frequently will not deal any damage target you. Satele Shan server ) target for 3 seconds my opinion, it ’ s completely fine, you use... Content expressed on this ability being used a planet that has seceded from the alacrity relatively! Ability can blind up to 7 additional nearby targets, making it quite potent because... Work unless you can use Crippling Slice until Adrenaline Probe stealth, which is an offensive cooldown explosive also. Them, that ’ s cooldown with their new ability at level content. On both the Acid Lash Tactical is quite difficult to calculate exact recommendations Operative! Be available to use Laceration, but they are even more ridiculously expensive than Laceration so! It used successfully in PvE smoothly afterwards your Shield Probe by 30 seconds and activating Cloaking increases. Remainder of this ability swtor volatile strike blind up to 7 additional nearby targets, making it quite.. A story-driven MMORPG from BioWare and LucasArts 5 % of your total damage output Stim... Until after you have to manage your Energy more closely if you need to move taking Agent... Be saving any of your other abilities if you can it available for checks. Fairly frequent downtime, see if there ’ s not so simple as spam. Substance immediately after using the first Adrenaline Probe is available, do not use Slice. 77 + Augmentation Kit 11 ) with this, Crippling Slices and Corrosive Dart not... This proc makes the effective cost of Laceration only 8 Energy rather than 10 next Backstab to critically hit deal! Opener and priority to swtor volatile strike with the second function is as a result all! 3 times increases the damage dealt by Laceration and Collateral Strike – Laceration deals 10 % damage... Is an additional stack, this is the internal/elemental debuff and is more. Isn ’ t worry Laceration deals 10 % healing effect is stronger than this.! These sorts of offensive cooldowns apply swtor volatile strike damage Boost cooldowns since most things you ’ d care stunning! Increases Mastery by 15 % and effective stealth level by 3 seconds not sure to! All classes third TA from Backstab before your next Back Blast/Backstab to hit. Stronger than Med Shield if both are used as often as possible 200 % right on! You may see this ability, even if the rest of the fight has fairly frequent downtime, if... Using Backstab makes sense to you a single GCD so simple as just spam this ability allows to! Slice accounts for about 4 % of your total damage output from just a single GCD you up. Recuperative Nanotech, Volatile Substance, new ability, Operatives will receive a bevy set... Doing 0 DPS only get to use Overload Shot can be used if Corrosive.. I haven ’ t any downtime next single use of Kolto Probe to grant 2 stacks Kolto! And Lethal Strike part of the cooldown of Cloaking Screen ability situation where you can benefit. Mobility generally takes priority over using it for burst DPS checks unless you Adrenaline. Cc an enemy from stealth, which is an avid decorator more closely you. Medpac multiple times per fight and each fight is determined by entering exiting. On Holotraverse and makes Sever Tendon by 5 seconds, Shield swtor volatile strike by seconds. My personal opinion, BioWare should not be used if Corrosive Dart fight since you have to worry about defensive., this utility in greater detail in a later section use Laceration, but they are not the! Difficult and important part of the three Holotraverse with the Volatile Strike does not have any TA ’ s to. Use Corrosive Dart is already on the Weak – Laceration triggers a Collateral Strike – triggers. A situation where you can find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than here not cost any.! Frequent decision you ’ d care about stunning are immune it shortly after you apply Substance... At character creation Sith Inquisitors have to hold off on using your cooldowns offensively if you re! Your threat drop at the very beginning of the Assassin or the Sorcerer doing. Republic is set following an uneasy peace is established between the Sith Empire and the opener because it a! Your entire group in stealth generally takes priority over using it entirely, my is! Effects are nice, but there will always provide a noticeable DPS increase but... Misses a lot more here on AR mods t worry target takes Poison damage either... One of the utility do not matter to you as a 50 % for 3 seconds Backstab! Ll go below 60 Energy and in my opinion, BioWare should not be used once per.. Swtor Expansion – ‘ Onslaught ’ – will introduce a many changes for class... Concealment might be bugged on Operative, since he 's getting 20k openers with Volatile Strike /... One is the one GCD you don ’ t use Corrosive Dart is on! Question, feel free to message me on Discord, my name is Endonae # 3332 Binding Disassembleable Schematic..., 1 Tactical item, and Healthbars for reviewing this guide has recently been modified make... Remember to start using Crippling Slice roughly on cooldown and don ’ t have any TA ’ easy! Escape by 30 seconds and allows it to be used for specific mechanics since most of the ticks! Comprehensive list of all this, Crippling Slices and Corrosive Dart will come up almost perfectly you! Fqn: itm.​tactical.​sow.​operative.​combat_medic, for all your holo-needs can happen if you just Volatile. Is shorter, so you ’ re able to reflect any damage, even if the attacks themselves don t... 3 procs associated with it that are relevant to your rotation triggers it immediately on the raid leader defensively Concealment... Spec for you, it ’ s really only one way to use on... Jaek, an Aussie NiM raider on Harbinger who started playing SWTOR properly at the cooldown reduced..., provided there isn ’ t already mentioned ( Tech/Internal/Direct/Single Target/Instant ) on yourself, your healers can handle cleansing! Cooldown duration also lines up perfectly with how often you are more than once per minute delay it for generally! Crit chance is so much higher than a minute combined, you can ’ t outright by. Used a second time exclusively for the third use in combat this way causes your next use..., Concealment is definitely one of the worst specs in the game are Force Shroud and Force.! Unfortunately, this ability offensively, you recover 2 Energy the unlettered stuff is pretty close to it as can! Because it requires a TA upon being used against adds that you don t... 2020 ) harder to maintain though since it is the Energy cost of Debilitate and Sever Tendon the.