Enclosed Cargo Trailers. It was literally left to fend for itself with no support at one of the most critical points of pressure and wear on the trailer. Top Models (3) 5X8 W/ Ramp Since I live quite a few hours from the factory I had the 14′ cargo trailer delivered to my residence. Are you going to drive to the factory? Below, we will discuss the pros and cons of Continental Cargo, along with a review of the products they offer. Continental Cargo has packages available for each product model they carry. Find Continental Cargo Cargo / Enclosed Trailers for sale . Continental Cargo is a leading producer of cargo trailers that can be built to meet most requirements. Lots of options at a decent price if you’re using the right dealer. I've had Hallmark, Pace, and Wells Cargo trailers and I prefer the Look. I have worked on and sold an now own my own trailer repair business. They come in a variety of sizes which include a small 4 x 6 single axle, all the way to a 8 x 20 tandem axle design. Top Models (93) CONTINENTAL CARGO OTHER Most reviewer complaints about Continental Cargo weren’t for the trailers themselves, but rather the mess that customers ended up dealing with through the local Continental Cargo offices, numerous sales reps, and not being able to communicate with the manufacturers directly.Â. All Rights Reserved. Do you want another set of screws drilled into the side next to the ones that missed? If you are looking for a good, popular brand, go no further than Continental Cargo. They have standard cargo trailers, motorcycle trailers, car trailers, open utility trailers, and even “living quarters” trailers. Trailers can be expensive and out of your budget range. ← How much does it cost to rent a cargo trailer? 275,000 customers have relied on Continental Cargo trailers since 1997. 2021 CONTINENTAL CARGO VHW 5x10 Enclosed Cargo Trailer V-Series cargo trailers range in size from a 4X6 Single axle to a 8X20 Tandem axle model. Are Continental Cargo Trailers Any Good? Before you decide to purchase any product from Continental Cargo, you should first consider whether buying a trailer is for you. Brinkman Trailers has built a reputation for servicing Minnesota and the Midwest with high-quality trailers at the very best prices. Each product model is equipped with features to benefit you in your purchase. Typically, larger trucks or SUVs are recommended as they have the power and structure to carry more weight. Narrow down your search by make, model, or category. By the time you see it all, what can they do? They can be more of a hassle as well if they are not frequently used. View our entire inventory of New Or Used Equipment and even a few new, non-current models. If the ill-fitting door can be delivered to the customer then I’d have to say no. Yes, their prices can be a bit steep, but it’s well worth it in the long run. What is even better is that these trailers are built specifically for the types of cargo they carry. Enclosed Cargo Trailers Sold By: Gingerich Trailer Sales Millersburg, Ohio 44654 VISIT OUR WEBSITE. The quality and convenience for consumers is well worth the price. Three of the packages are the same as Snow King’s. Customizers like Nord Euro are great for that. Do you think they want to own up to and correct everything missing and wrong? The Basics The layoout took a little pondering. You will also need to purchase a hitch if you haven’t already, along with your vehicle and trailer. CONTINENTAL CARGO Trailers : Browse CONTINENTAL CARGO Trailers for Sale on EquipmentTrader.com. Take these Continental Cargo product models for example: These are just a few of the different product models that Continental Cargo manufactures, but there is a wide range, and they all offer different features specific to the brand you are looking for. View our entire inventory of New Or Used CONTINENTAL CARGO Trailer. I had looked at a Continental Cargo Trailer earlier that had these “bargain” trailers beat on all counts so returned to the Continental Cargo Trailer dealer and made the deal. No more brown and soggy salads! This relationship provides us with the financial strength, resilience & resources to innovate & provide continually increasing value … My the sounds of it the 10k Wells cargo is your best deal. Always ask about the warranty before you buy! Enclosed Trailer, Tandem Axle, 9.9K Rated Color: Black Continental Cargo NS "Sunshine Series" Standard Features: • .030 Aluminum Exterior •... See More Details Read my story. Continental Cargo is a leading producer of cargo trailers that can be built to meet most requirements. Continental Cargo is an excellent brand if you are looking for high-quality trailers that are well worth your money. A really nice feature of the Mission / EZ Hauler is the nose area which is standard on their Standard Cargo Trailers and an option on the CargoMate / Continental Cargo. If you frequently need to haul large, bulky items, then there may be a reason to purchase a trailer. Continental Cargo is proud to be a division of Forest River, Inc., the largest manufacturer of cargo trailers, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles & marine products. They don’t even have it all in stock. If you buy one, plan on inspecting and holding them accountable for what they built before you leave the factory. Consider the Components — As a rule of thumb, cheaper trailers have cheaper components, while elite trailers … Shop over 150,000 trailers to find the perfect Continental Cargo Cargo / Enclosed Trailers for sale near you.. Shop trailers for sale by Haulmark, Bravo Trailers, Legend Trailers, Wells Cargo, Look Trailers, Covered Wagon Trailers, Spartan Cargo, and more Enclosed Triple Axle Car Trailer Stock Number 216884 Manufacturer: Continental Cargo MFG Model Num: M8532TTA5 Trailer Size: 8.6 X 32 Whether you need a trailer for a specific purpose, like a car hauler or a snowmobile trailer, or something that’s more versatile, you’ll be able to … I am a little concerned about this company choosing Lippert over Dexter. Our models and sizes range from a 4' x 6' Cargo Trailer to 8' x 52' Car Haulers, with dozens of standard features. Continental Cargo, a division of Forest River, offers excellent cargo trailers for your money. We specialize in providing all the enclosed trailer information you need. Continental Cargo, a division of Forest River, offers excellent cargo trailers for your money. The V-Series cargo trailers by Continental Cargo are perfect for all of your transport needs when an enclosed trailer is needed. Like nearly all RV / trailer manufacturers in recent years, Forest River is great at making money and huge numbers of units, but terrible at making quality trailers. If the standard offerings are not what you are looking for, we have hundreds of options to choose from. If you’re ordering less than a thousand trailers, how can they take the time to mess with details? At CargoTrailerGuide.com, we know that having the right information before you purchase a trailer can make life a lot easier and the shopping process more enjoyable.Being able to read cargo trailer reviews, and trailer brand and trailer dealer ratings can also be very helpful. Each V-nose front offers 18" of additional storage space, and also makes for easier towing. Of course not. How much does it cost to rent a cargo trailer? Whether for work or for play, we can offer a trailer to fit your budget or lifestyle. However, trailers aren’t for everyone. The type of hitch for a vehicle and trailer does matter. Continental Cargo (Division of Forest River) reviews, dealer list, and trailer specification. Whether for work or play, we have a trailer to meet your needs, interests, budget and lifestyle.With multiple manufacturing locations throughout the USA and our handpicked dealer network, we will be there to sell and service our products better than any other manufacturer. Customize Your Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer. Then plan on fixing the rest that you find yourself or having a local shop do it that you know and trust. Sales rep was very knowledgeable and helpful. So, if you decide to purchase a trailer, you’ll definitely want to consider getting yours from Continental Cargo. Most trailers come standard with a.024” aluminum skin. CommercialTruckTrader.com always has the largest selection of New or Used Trailer Continental Cargo Trucks for sale anywhere. Their company brand is rated #1 among other enclosed cargo trailers for the best durability. ... PHIL'S Stocks the largest selection of HAULMARK CONTINENTAL CARGO, CARGO MATE Trailers in TEXAS We Can get you a Trailer From Ga, Pa, IN or OR Plants also and will Not be Under SOLD The best cargo trailer brands generally come with strong manufacturer warranties — this is a sign it is a well-built piece of equipment. Continental Cargo offers a variety of products that are fully customizable to meet your specific needs. Browse Trailer Continental Cargo Trucks. There was also mention of the local offices not always providing a written contract, which is highly recommended when purchasing an item such as this. 2021 Continental Cargo Model NS8520TA3, 8.5x20 ft. Once found, the warranty may be passed or fixing it may be impractical. Trailer shopping and sales made easy at Cargo Trailer Guide. Make 2018 full of Quality and ease of business, we have the parts you need and provide a quality service to keep you on the road. Call now (1-877-258-1445) or click to e-mail for FREE shipping details & special pricing. Tailwind cargo trailers range in size from a 5X8 single axle to 8X24 tandem axle model. Our models and sizes range from a 4' x 6' Cargo Trailer to 8' x 52' … Continental Cargo trailers can haul practically anything—cars, snowmobiles, motorcycles, lawnmowers, and almost anything else you can think of. Using a couple of recent model examples from above, you can see the respective packages that they offer: Snow King has three different packages available for purchase. View our entire inventory of New or Used Trailer Continental Cargo Trucks. Whether for work or for play, we can offer a trailer to fit your budget or lifestyle. Is there even a final inspection? Trailer City sells express cargo trailers, value hauler wedge cargo trailers and continental cargo trailers. United XLV - 7x16, 7,000 lb GVW, double rear doors, slant nose, roof vent. Continental Cargo. Their company brand is rated #1 among other enclosed cargo trailers for the best durability. CommercialTruckTrader.com always has the largest selection of New Or Used Commercial Trailers for sale anywhere. Options you order won’t necessarily be included with your unit, or built as described, Structural build can be badly flawed but hidden. Do they care? Electric brakes are standard on 6' wide tandem axle trailers and larger. BTW replacement cost of a torsion axle is about double of a standard axle as well. In order to transport any trailer, you would need a vehicle to tow it. Continental Cargo Tailwind cargo trailer TW820TA2 highlights: Full Color Decal; Radial Tires; Galvanized Roof; 16" Stoneguard A Z-coated undercoated frame, steel sealed sidewalls, and 3/8" plywood walls with Lauan trim makes this TW820TA2 Continental Cargo Tailwind a cargo trailer that will last you for years to come!This tandem axle model can haul just about any load! I got a great deal on this trailer and it is their 2018 model. Continental Cargo is a Trailer manufacturer and a division of Forest River, Inc. Continental Cargo Trailers makes quality cargo trailers, open utility trailers, car hauler trailers and motorcycle trailers and even enclosed gooseneck trailers and various custom trailers built to suite. Trailers can add some simplicity to your life when hauling large items. More mess-ups can result from simple misunderstandings, and having an agreement to terms and conditions will save you in the long run. They come in a variety of sizes, even some being custom built to meet your specific needs. Continental Cargo offers a variety of products that are fully customizable to meet your specific needs. This additional space really has no downside in my view. Copyright © 2021 Rent A Cargo Trailer. While the packages and special features might save you money in the long run, the cost upfront might be a little too high for potential buyers. Enclosed cargo trailers are perfect for all of your transportation needs. Find 3 used Continental Cargo in Spokane, WA as low as $5,995 on Carsforsale.com®. Each fits the consumers’ specific needs while keeping the main purpose of these products. They feature an 18" front wedge for extra storage space and easier towing. Our sizes range from a 4' x 6' cargo trailer to a 50 ft. Gooseneck Auto Master car hauler. Continental Cargo (Division of Forest River). We represent 14 different trailer manufacturers including Aluma, Haulmark, Top Hat, Continental Cargo, Forumula, Trophy, American Hauler, Lightning and others. It might be more efficient to stick with their more standard models instead. The horror stories online about careful selection of a Continental Cargo model and options and then finding that the factory is in such a rush that they don’t bother to read their own build sheet or QC the results, or substitute whatever you ordered for whatever is handy, are still true, at least at the plant in Silverton, OR. The other’s include: Of course, Continental Cargo offers many more packages for the other product models they have. When going through the local businesses, there is more room for error on what you buy. 32 Continental Cargo AUTO MASTER Car / Racing Trailer . Most standard trailers are made with an aluminum skin that average 0.024″. The nicer trailers will have sixteen inch on centers which is a must fir tandems. There are more expensive trailers out there but I will not pay $10,000 plus. on Are Continental Cargo Trailers Any Good? Lacking quality control during the build as well as any final inspection. Once the interior plywood was removed, I could just push the aluminum siding away from the frame there with my hand. It was delivered in excellent condition but after detailed inspection later in the day I discovered that the side door does not close properly. The 5-7 foot wide single axle models offer a standard payload capacity of 1,550 to 2,040 lb. Continental Cargo is a leading producer of cargo trailers that are built to meet your needs. Okay, so this one can be good and bad, but I think that it’s relevant for potential buyers to consider the negative notions of purchasing locally to get a well-rounded idea of the brand. Best Enclosed Cargo Trailer Durability Ratings Just comparing the base model 6×12 cargo trailers, Continental comes out on top for durability because they have a 0.030” width of aluminum skin standard on their trailers. Complete Review, Renown Cargo Trailers: Enclosed Cargo Trailer Comparison, Thumper Talk: Few Enclosed Trailer Questions, Adventure Rider: Cargo Trailers the good, the bad, and the ugly. But, Continental Cargo’s aluminum “skin” is thicker at approximately 0.030″. This could have been remedied at the factory during a final inspection before handing over to the customer. Continental Cargo 7x14+ 3 7 ft interior WHITE CHROME motorcycle trailer Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer Price: $8,299 Stock #: TW714MW There’s a reason why Continental Cargo is ranked #1 in durability. The Magazine Basic Theme by bavotasan.com. Once loaded the sprung axles are just fine. These include the: Auto Master has seven different packages available for purchase. Shop millions of cars from over 21,000 dealers and find the perfect car. From their various available products to a surplus amount of special features, and from their beneficial packages to being a hassle-free brand that can carry all of your bulky items, it’s not a surprise what a great brand they are. Renting a trailer instead of a truck or van. Trailers made by Continental Cargo provides a great deal of features on their cargo trailers so that you can find something that will perfectly suit your hauling needs. On top of that little nightmare, their entire column of screws had completely missed the frame at the front left corner of the unit. No matter what brand you choose to go with, a trailer is going to be expensive. Also, the exterior color is not what I ordered. There are a ton of new trailer companies out there and so look them over carefully. 2021 CONTINENTAL CARGO V Series Wedge 6 x 12 10% OFF ALL INSTOCK CARGO TRAILERS TILL DEC 31ST - V-Series Wedge 6'' additional height plus ramp door We carry the largest in stock selection of Continental Cargo trailers on Vancouver Island for your immediate use. That’s right; a variety. Complete Review.