International Dialing Codes. 1. Morning good people I got a call from this number 031 820 5000 anyone know about this numbers. Phone Listings From Area Code 031. 0314928472 2112 search requests 10 Ratings. 1. Recorded male voice said my BT IP address was being compromised and I should "press 1" to start them fixing it. A woman called saying that i was selected to receive vouchers and she had my D.O.B. We hope that our area code reverse lookup tool has been of help in finding country code 31, the country code for Netherlands. Area Code 031; 031-492; 031-492-66## Yellow Pages & White Pages . Recently Reported Phone Calls in 031 Area Code. Australia is divided geographically into four large area codes, most of which cover more than one state and/or territory. Number Format: (800) 031-xxxx. Ofcom records show that numbers starting 0311 are protected from allocation. No one with an 0431 number can hide from you. After reading reports about the phone number left by other users, please leave your own comment. Area Code 031. Close. When dialed from another country, the '0' is omitted and replaced with the appropriate international access code and the country code 27. What is the best way to fold a fitted sheet? City: Area Code: Dialing Code: Ammerswil (Aarau) 62 +41 62 : Andermatt: 41 +41 41 : Arosa Hung up. International Number Format: +1 800031xxxx. 031 area code. Area code 03 belongs to state Victoria and Tasmania. Find out about the location and calling costs for 0313 numbers on our 0313 code page. 0310100914 2321 search requests 6 Ratings. Did you get a call from 031 area code? Where numbering capacity has been withdrawn from service, the block or code is sterilised for a period, typically 2 years. This page contains information about which telephone companies … Amsterdam Area Code: 20. The area code (031) is a special area code number, this area code not is a geographical code. By Anonymous 2 weeks, 4 days ago. Please tell us something about it. This reverse phone directory is FREE. Reported Phone Numbers in Area Code 031 +1 (031) 941-2421 2 comments Nokwazi 2019-11-20 04:45:16 Dialling codes in South Africa The area codes of some of South Africa's major cities are: Bloemfontein 051, Cape Town 021, Durban 031, East London 043, Johannesburg 011, Pretoria 012, and … Instant Reverse Telephone Number Search: Alternatively, please select a number prefix to browse for these phone numbers. Get information about any phone number you are interested in! 031 Area Code. On this page: 1 User rated it as Dangerous and 1 User rated it as Unknown. It disconnects after a couple of seconds. What are the qualifications of a parliamentary candidate? 0313111000 7877 search requests 13 Ratings. What influence does Sikhism have on drinking? South Africa's telephone area code 031 (or +27 31 in international format) is Durban. Did you get a call from 031 area code? The caller rang, did not respond to answerphone and then hung up. This is a list of telephone dialling codes for Ireland.Fixed-line telephone users do not need to dial the dialling code when they are contacting someone else within their own area. All telephone numbers are 9 digits long (but always prefixed by 0 for calls within South Africa), except for certain Telkom special services. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." Area Code 03. Bern Area Code: 31. Where are you from? Area codes within the system are generally organized geographically. Don't know who the are. From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting with the plus sign. Did not listed to the whole message and number is now blocked. Where is South Africa is telephone area code 031. The most common prefix is 00, but North America (USA, Canada, etc.) Calling Netherlands from abroad is as simple as calling from Alkmaar to Amsterdam. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Database Search Access. Phone Code Phone-code Phoned 031 On South Africa Online Directory ++ ++ Easy does it. There are 50 Area Codes (excluding the 048 code for Northern Ireland). How long will the footprints on the moon last? Simply enter the phone number in the search box above to find out who called from that number. This same number called claiming from mtn, wanting the phone back which was on a contract that was paid up in full. 031492 3416 search requests. There are 106 MNAs in Ireland. Simply enter the phone number in the search box above to find out who called from that number. South Africa's telephone area code 031 (or +27 31 in international format) is Durban. uses 011, Japan uses 010, Australia uses 0011, and many other countries use different prefixes.). 021 Lausanne -> our furnished apartments 022 Geneva -> our furnished apartments 024 Yverdon / Aigle 026 Fribourg/Freiburg -> our furnished apartments 027 Valais. Prefix Link Sample Cities; 200: Browse Numbers Like 031-200-ABCD-201: Browse Numbers Like 031-201-ABCD-202: Type the number in the box below and click 'Search' to find out who is using that phone number. Bern Dial Code: +41 31. Swiss area codes – chart . Area Code: 031-538 Phone Type: Phone Company: Country: City: Area & City Dialing Codes in South Africa. Switzerland Phone Code: 41. Camperdown 031 Cape Town 021 Carletonville 018 Carnarvon 053 Farm Lines / Plaaslyne 0533822 Carolina 017 Cathacart 045 Cato Ridge 031 Cedarville 039 Centane 047 Centurion 012 Ceres 023 Ceza 035 Chalumna 043 Champagne Valley 036 Charl Cilliers 017 Chrissiefontein 016 Chrissiesmeer 017 Christiana 053 Chuenespoort 015 Citrusdal 022 Clanwilliam 027 1. All Rights Reserved. Area Code: 800. Funny though, dont have BT, havent been with BT since 1994. How do you Find Free eBooks On-line to Download? And immediately hung up after I answered with a "Hello". Check phone number. Have missed calls … You received an unknown call with the country calling code +31? Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? Amsterdam Dial Code: +31 20. View Map. Most searched telephone numbers in 031 (Durban) 0310545429 428 search requests 1 Ratings. 031-285-0103. No one speaks on the other end. If you know that 031 area code is used somewhere, please contact us so we can update our database accordingly. 031 Overall rating The overall rating for phone number 031 is Dangerous.There have been 460 phone lookups and 2 comments relating to this number. When did organ music become associated with baseball? Must open a police case, death threats are emminent. 011 - US exit code; dial first for international calls made from the USA or Canada 82 - Country Code for South Korea Phone Number ( remove initial 0 ): mostly 8 to 10 digits, area code included for landlines What area is 031 ? 0311 numbers. Your Rating. Close. The international dialing code for South Africa is 27.South Africa's area codes ALL begin with zero (0) and are usually 3 digits long followed by a 7-digit number. This number has been calling me for the past two months, may you locate it for me please. Your Name. 0313310506 406 search requests 3 Ratings. Telephone Comments Timestamp; 0314921261: Marked Not Safe by IP address : 2020-12-15: Cape Town: 021: Caledon 028: Ceres 023: Citrusdal 022: Beaufort West 023: Bella Bella 014: Bloemfontein 051: Boksburg 011: East London 043: Harrismith 058: Hermanus 031-911-5061. How old was Ralph macchio in the first Karate Kid? Recently Reported Phone Calls in 031 Area Code. (082 is the code for one of our main mobile networks - phoning from abroad, you leave out the zero). Reverse Search. Where is South Africa is telephone area code 031? For this reason, areas such as New York (area code 212 requires 2+1+2=5 pulses), Los Angeles (area code 213 requires 2+1+3=6 pulses), and Chicago (area code 312 requires 3+1+2=6 pulses) received area codes that are much faster to dial than rural areas such as South Dakota (area code 605 requires 6+10+5=21 pulses). Area Code List; Mobile Phone Codes; UK Numbering Scheme; Search. By Akona Mgwazelani on 22/4/15. From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the … very rude, Supposedly from Bt switching off internet 1471 blank Here we go again scam time. Others say. Did you get a call from a phone number you do not recognize? 031-010-6713: Answered and they hung up. Recent SafeCaller Activity for Area Code 031. 0311092967 102 search requests 1 Ratings. Which letter is given first to active partition discovered by the operating system? Have missed calls from this number and other similar number. Country code: +353 International call prefix: 00 Trunk prefix: 0. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." Find the number in the list below, or simply type it into the search box at the top of the page. Recorded message saying that my NI number has been used for a fraudulent claim.