As both Company 8 and White Clads are behind the pillars in Fire Force, this results a clash between the two for Nataku Son. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 17 of Fire Force, "Boys, Be Weak," now streaming on Crunchyroll.. After Fire Force turned its three-way battle over Nataku into a rescue mission from the boy's radioactive Ignition Ability, the resulting heroics leave everyone at their limits. Fire Force is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo. Even Benimaru, the strongest Fire Force Soldier, called him a monster. However, the resemblance could suggest that they are probably dopplegangers. Fire Force Reveals the Sixth Pillar as Licht Falls Into a Deadly Trap; Fire Force Reveals the Sixth Pillar as Licht Falls Into a Deadly Trap. By Erik Kozura Oct 02, 2020. The Special Fire Force's pursuit of the Evangelist leads them to Haijima Industries as the Sixth Pillar is revealed, but Licht could be in danger. When Fire Force arrived back in 2019 it proved there’s still ways anime can make superpowers fresh and fascinating, all while delivering a sprawling story as Shinra Kusakabe helps extinguish demonic Infernals causing havoc in Tokyo. The battle continues until, with the force of Arthur's attacks, Shinra rejects the provocations of the First Pillar. Inca Kasugatani (因果 春日谷 Inka Kasugatani) is the Fifth Pillar and a member of the White-Clad. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 15 of Fire Force, "A Three-Way Melee," now streaming on Crunchyroll.. With Shinra Kusakabe coming into conflict with Charon and Company 8 attempting prevent an Infernal Outbreak. Before joining, she was famously reputed across the Tokyo for being a Fire Thief, saving people from fires in exchange for their goods. The burning battle for Adolla Bursts rages on in Fire Force as Nataku Son becomes the latest pyrokinetic to awaken the legendary flame. However, this is not the first time we are seeing Nataku Son in Fire Force. The first pillar is definitely not Sister Iris. The Fifth Pillar arc is the ninth story arc of the Fire Force manga series. The strangely empowered Inca finds herself caught between Special Fire Force Company 8 and the White Hoods. In fact, we can even say that the sixth pillar is a successful byproduct of … By this point in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Cal is now stranger to an ancient alien crypt. “The Guardian” Charon. Charon is a member of the White-Clad and serves as the Second Pillar’s guardian. Focusing on the awakening of another user of the Adolla Burst and Adolla Link. While other shows like My Hero Academia show off a wide variety of powers, Fire Force gets inventive when it comes to fighting fire with fire, literally. 4. Charon is a devoted and serious member of the White-Clad with strong loyalty towards the Evangelist. As she leaves his consciousness, she reveals that there is another Pillar, a potential asset to both the Evangelist and the Fire Force.

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