Looking northwest from low on the ridge at Mount Idaho and Mount Borah. Summit pano from Donaldson, spanning about 200 degrees from Church to McCaleb. It would require a fair amount of highway driving to get back to town. One final view of Leatherman Peak from the trail. Ken and Nick hiking down through a meadow in the upper Pahsimeroi Valley. All the routes here require you to return the way you came. Email me @ joshua.oyler@gmail.com. Lost River Range 5. -M = Missing data. Looking down at our route up the West Fork of the Pahsimeroi. The river isn’t huge but is peaceful and crystal clear. The trail to merriam lake and pass lake are different trails but they start at the same location. Our spot had up close views of Borah Peak the highest peak in Idaho at 12,667 feet. Steep. Similar trip taken in 2005 Other Idaho The north face of Mount Church, from the meadow near the East Fork trailhead. I love adventure! A trip to Idaho's Pahsimeroi Range, and high mountain lakes. R = Rough less than 10 years of data available. This has become one of my favorite camping areas. Idaho Photo Links ... Our goal was to hike into Merriam lake, at 9,600 and change, as well as Pass lake, which is a bit over 10K. JustHiking Trip Report #2 Its remote, quiet, and the scenery doesn’t take a back seat to many places. Looking back on Leatherman Pass. When we came here in 2005, and the hike took us quite a while due to bushwhacking. (Courtesy photo by … It gives me an excuse to get out! Sketch of the route I used for Church (photo taken the day before). Ken enjoying the scenery in a comfortable recliner. Two Track. .....31 Figure 3. Pahsimeroi Area The Pahsimeroi and Lemhi Mountains provide the setting for some amazing recreational opportunities. Only available to Trek Planner Insider Members. This area shows the highest peaks of the Lost River Range which is the highest in Idaho at over 12,000 feet. Cornices on the east ridge of Mount Church. Pano taken in the upper Pahsimeroi Valley, including Leatherman Peak, Leatherman Pass, and Whitecap Peak. The morning sun shining on Whitecap Peak, with storm clouds building in the background. 4x4 and winch or buddy assistance may be necessary. The "standard route" for Church & Donaldson, with the pond still nearly frozen over. There are many hiking trails up into the Wilderness areas of the Lost River Range. You will quickly come to the Pass Creek Narrows where the road passes through a … Then there was a stop at the Subway in Hailey (they were out of meatball's), followed by a drive over Trail Creek road. Owyhee Mountains All day or multiple days if you plan to hike and explore. 6. Rocks. Donaldson Peak ACME Map The West fork of the Pahsimeroi Valley from Leatherman Pass. 7. The Pass Lake Loop provides a nice, quiet forested trail near the popular Deception Point State Park. The river is always available to purify water. The area is obviously full of wildlife. There is an East and a West fork of the Pahsimeroi River and both roads have great views. My Favorite Photos ). Its a long drive out there so its best to spend some time enjoying the area. The major peaks are not the best for many scouts. Moose in the upper Pahsimeroi Valley. Mt Borah is the highest peak in Idaho at 12,662’. water phase, juvenile emigrants pass Lower Granite Dam, approxi-mately 620 rkm from the mouth of the Pahsimeroi River, and another seven dams before reaching the Pacific Ocean, a journey of 1,314 rkm. A view of the east face of Badrock Peak, taken from the north face of Mount Church. Please stay on the established roads at all times in this area so they can remain open forever. You won’t get a trailer up that high so you would have to camp before the fork in the road if you have a trailer. Two Track Easy. Mount Church ACME Map The Pahsimeroi River valley in the Lost River Range is truly one of the most ruggedly beautiful areas in all of Idaho. Few people visit the area, since the access "roads" are very bad. The cascade could be heard from the road. 4. Mule deer we saw on the trail from Pass Lake. The last 7ish miles of road getting to the West Fork Upper Pahsimeroi Trailhead are terrible. Check the BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations for current fishing restrictions. The trailhead is located in the Upper Pahsimeroi Valley at about 8200’. The weather was perfect with no wind, so I hung out for about 20 minutes reading the register before starting the traverse to Donaldson Peak. We spent a little time hiking at the end of the road and the forest and river were stunning. This area is awesome. The lake was about half frozen over, and the ice in the water made for quite the sight. Links This is well worth a trip if you are up for getting well off the beaten path. Evening view of Mount Idaho and partially frozen Merriam Lake. Peak 11909' and Leatherman from the trail to Pass Lake. N/A = Not available. This area is located close to Mackay, Idaho which makes a great base camp for exploring here. Located in the upper Pahsimeroi Valley 65 miles northeast of Sun Valley, the ranch is encircled by the majestic peaks of the Lemhi and Lost River ranges and surrounded by federal lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Nick and Nate got an early start for their climb of No Regret Peak, and I finally got up and going by 6am, with the first rays of sunlight already shining on the top of Church. The jagged peaks in this area had some really crazy geology. It is affectionately known as the “Swiss Alps” by the locals. TrekNow provides GPS Routes, Waypoints, and Tracklogs for the best backroads and byways in Arizona Mount Borah to the northwest. Our campsite at Lake 9682', with the bighorns near the center of the photo. It is a moderate 2 mile hike to the lake from the trailhead. Except as modified in Special Rules Fishing is not allowed within the posted upstream and downstream boundary of any fish weir or trap.. Daily Bag Limits. It was raining when we got there, so we stayed in the car eating PB&J's for a while. Ken and Dave getting ready to hit the trail. I was the last one back to camp, and was greeted by a group of close to 20 bighorn ewes and lambs. Two Track. The east ridge of Church from the saddle. Merriam Lake's inlet stream. We took it easy for a few hours, taking in the scenery and doing some exploring close to camp. We took a couple short hikes around the area and down to the river. Large Obstacles. White Clouds This area shows the highest peaks of the Lost River Range which is the highest in Idaho at over 12,000 feet. Double Springs Ranch. Guidebooks Ken and Dave getting ready to hit the trail. I live in Cache Valley, Utah. A view of Leatherman Peak from our campsite, located near the trail to Pass Lake at about 9500'. The rock in the area was pretty unique, almost moon-like, and we did a little exploring before heading back down to our campsite, scaring up a mule deer along the way. For this reason, the site is extremely popular with fly fishers. Its hard to describe just how beautiful it was.Day 3Merriam Lake to West Fork Pahsimeroi - After a good night of sleep, we awoke to great weather and awesome views all around us. Some interesting algae growing on top of the ice in Merriam Lake. Steep. Snowshoeing The rain finally started slowing down as soon as Nick put on his raingear, so we headed up the trail after a couple of raging creek crossings. The trail heads up into the forest on the west side of the lake. Idaho 12ers So Ken and Nick broke camp quickly (I was a little less quick), and we hit the trail. Splattski Trip Report No reserving or holding of campsites, all sites are first come, first serve. The main trail will lead back down to the Pahsimeroi Valley road. Eventually we pried ourselves away and hiked back to the trailhead where we re-stocked on food and began the hike up towards Leatherman Pass and Pass Lake. Ken and Nick hiking down through a meadow in the upper Pahsimeroi Valley. ATV/UTV/Off Road Difficulty Ratings: TrekNow provides GPS Routes, Waypoints, and Tracklogs for the best backroads and byways in Arizona We really enjoyed the camping here with nice views at all times of the day. Make sure you've got good tires and a spare. This section of the trail was much easier, and only gained about 1300' in the 3 miles to our eventual campsite. We spent a couple nights camping and had a great time. Mount Church from the top of Leatherman Peak. Small rocks or obstacles. Merriam Lake lies within the Lost River Range near Mt Borah. Assuming you don't get a flat tire, it takes an hour or so of high-clearance dirt road driving to reach either the east fork, or west fork trailheads. Trail Head:44.27672 N, 113.66015 W  Snow Climbing Mule deer we saw on the trail from Pass Lake. This herd of Bighorn Ewes and Lambs watched us break camp. The adults must navigate this course in reverse. The east ridge of Church from the saddle. This is a remote area and far away from any services. C = Conditional only 10-19 years of data available. Mount Idaho reflecting in a partially frozen Merriam Lake.

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