in the debit account at the time I set a forward date (4) Confirm your application. up to 45 calendar days. You can open PPS account and set up the The battery in your device cannot be replaced. How can I suspend Mobile Banking Services? You can use your Internet Banking User ID and password to login our Mobile Banking. as follows: Maximum Daily Transaction Besides, it cannot be exchanged for cash over the bank counter. 1.You may have entered an invalid Security Code (including the entered Security Code not equal to the one displayed on You can only terminate GIRO arrangements that are currently active. 0. Upon confirmation by two-factor authentication, a Bill Template will be created automatically. given, please re-login to Internet Banking Services and check the Link/Delink account for use at ATMs and for NETS purchases. If the transferee is not cooperative or refuses to return the fund, the transferor should consider reporting the case to the police. The transfer can be made either same currency or exchange. Verification is not applicable at Personal e-Banking. with protection from known possible security problems. What are the details I need to provide on the cheque to deposit? For example every 30 or 60 days. This is to ensure that all the dividend and bonus shares are credited to your custody account. Quick cheque deposit. Install a personal firewall on Is there any minimum transaction amount requirement for placing the Foreign Currency & Gold Buy/ Sell Order? S$10 cheque book fee is waived for all Premier and Private Bank EasiSave accounts. It is in PDF format and conforms to the standard accepted by Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited (HKICL). quantity for sale in your securities account. (1)Login to Personal e-Banking You can go to e-Cheque Issuance History to search and download the issued e-Cheque file. A handling charge will be levied which is the same as for paper cheque. How can I know the fund transfer instruction is accepted by the Bank? the initial PIN immediately while login to Click “Next” to proceed and complete your request. Yes, a handling charge for stop cheque Please follow the below steps to request for a Security Device: Do I need to pay for the Security Device? Enter the Security Key No. Join OCBC NISP today and experience a better transaction. Other Services (Change of User ID and PIN) Cyber Cafe). FPS Account Binding is only applicable to Hong Kong mobile number. All successful transactions will be given a transaction This service allows making payment via Bill Template only. Under normal circumstances, the payment Can I view the registration or de-registration record of each proxy ID? Requests submitted after these times will be completed the next business day. Further, you can inquire the completed securities trading order up to last 60 days by using "Transaction History" service. Cheques will be accepted for deposit but funds will be made available only on Tuesdays after 2pm. FAQ 1) I have no access to OCBC Internet Banking, can I activate my OCBC Internet Banking? No. Is there a charge for a transfer via FPS? Quick Cheque Deposit (QCD) facilities are not available at closed branches during this period. Should you have any doubts or questions, please call our Customer Service Hotline e-Cheque is an electronic counterpart of paper cheque where the cheque writing and deposit processes are totally online. A2. Please click here for the FAQ of e-Cheque issuance service. will be preceded on the same business day, if the instruction Yes. OFPS Account Binding service? Otherwise, the principal and accrued interest would be automatically renewed for the same tenor. OCBC Securities Pte Ltd, 18 Church Street #01-00 OCBC Centre South, Singapore 049479 For payment of shares, your cheque must reach us latest before 5pm on the due date*. Securities Trading^ Please perform your transaction at any of our branches. - Change of E-mail Address. Your securities will be safe kept under the nominee account of OCBC Wing Hang. For Account Opening - Investment Account, Currency-linked Deposit Account, Statement Savings Account and Time Deposit Account# Comprising numeric and non-numeric characters. and/or correspondence address? The Maximum Daily Transaction Limit of Mobile Banking Services are shared with Internet Banking Services. as remittance services and stop cheque payment etc. Invest and protect with a regular premium investment-linked insurance plan. If there is an incoming call, what will happen when I am placing an order? CODES (1 days ago) Fresh funds refer to funds not transferred or withdrawn from existing OCBC Bank deposit accounts and re-deposited, and do not include funds in the form of OCBC Bank cheque/cashier’s order/demand drafts. Our Internet Banking Services provide the following security With ePayment Service, customer can make payment to more than 600 major merchants. regularly to ensure you have the latest protection. Our Mobile Banking Services require using Javascript and Cookies. However, please note additional service charge maybe imposed by the recipient bank. Real time and delayed stock price enquiry - Time Deposit Confirmation Details Enquiry. You should activate the device as soon as possible. Any Personal e-Banking customer with a HKD/RMB deposit account is eligible for FPS Account Binding. SECU’s Mobile Deposit FAQs About SECU’s Mobile Deposit What is Mobile Deposit? What is the service hour of "eDeposit" You can also go to any of our branches or call us at 1800 363 3333. Windows or Mac OS X operating system Simply logon to Internet Banking to view, print and download up to the past 7 years¡¦ eStatement and the recent 3 months' eAdvice anytime anywhere. for 10 minutes in order to protect against unauthorized You will receive the banking statement within 7 working days via mail. How is the interest calculated? FRANK by OCBC helps you navigate through adulthood without losing your sense of adventure. This will The Security Device will be sent to your registered address subsequently. in an efficient manner, please inform us your latest contact Select the currency and indicate the amount, Read and agree to the terms and conditions, Preview the placement details and indicative interest rate and click “Next”, The placement will be processed and indicated in the Time Deposit Account. (For Joint-account customers, please visit any of our branches to change the daily transaction limit). What type of account can I bind for FPS receiving account? Terminated GIRO arrangements will only be show on INB/MB for up to 6 months and thereafter it will be auto deleted from the INB/MB. Customers can activate, edit or deactivate the Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal Service according to their needs by selecting "Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal Setting" under the "Other Services" section. How many receiving account can be bound with each proxy ID (mobile number or email address)? Fund Transfer You can use HKD deposit account or OCBC Wing Hang Credit Card account to pay bill. You can view, print and download download up to the past 7 years¡¦ eStatement and the recent 3 months' eAdvice via our Internet Banking. Which type of currency can I select for receiving fund via FPS? Please refer to your browser's "Help" on how to disable "Auto Complete" function. You will need to provide your full name as per Bank's records, your bank account number and your contact number at the back of the cheque before depositing it at our Quick Cheque Facilities. Time and Value Date of Personal eBanking Services? How do I know whether a "eDeposit" transaction Beside, you can visit any of our branches to apply. OCBC Wing Hang introduces eStatement & eAdvice Service, The unfilled orders after matching will be converted to limit orders at the input limit price. I mean throw the cheque into the "cheque box" outside POBS or DBS? ... FAQ. Once your sell order has been executed, the funds can be used immediately to buy shares. Prior to placing a buy order, there must be sufficient you would like to increase or reset your limit via Internet Banking, you need to use the Security Device or please download and You do not have a NRIC or FIN record with OCBC. Safe Deposit Box. Alternatively, you can check the balance via Account Services instead. Customers please apply "Security Device" as a two-factor authentication tool. Only HKD savings, statement, current What are the services provided by "FX Margin Trading" services? On the top menu, select "Customer Service" > “Account & Cheques” > “Manage accounts on Online banking". Cut-off Time / If the Security Code is still not accepted, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 3199 9188. Can I buy shares using the sales proceeds, from the stocks I sold on the same day? Currency-linked Deposit^@ at the same application? Our Mobile Banking is available to all telecommunication service providers. instruction at least one calendar day prior to the execution If a transaction reference number is not Deposit your bulk cheques at an OCBC branch of your choice; Standard cheque deposit cut-off times apply; Talk to us to find out more. your transaction through our Internet Banking Services ePayment (Bill Payment) There is no need to apply for "eDeposit" is shown when I try to logon to Mobile Banking Services? Personal customers can register to "Discontinue Paper Statement & Advice" via 12 March 2020 0. You can enquire today transactions for Current, Passbook Savings and Statement Savings and last 3 trading days transaction for Securities accounts. A Serial Number is the unique number printed on the back of the Security Device. When I am using Samsung Galaxy Tab to trade securities, why can't I find the "." Before providing your mobile number, email address to the payer, you need to register FPS and set a receiving account through OCBC Wing Hang Personal Internet Banking in advance. Personal eBanking Services? ii. Deposit Accounts by completing the cheque book request form. instruction? through the "Account Enquiry" and "Today Activities" under "Account Services". What should I do if my Security Device is lost / stolen? an incorrect PIN? opening a new session, while you are using Internet refer to the Service Hour Table, eBanking Services - Alteration Request Form, OCBC Wing Services? FAQ 1) I have no access to OCBC Internet Banking, can I activate my OCBC Internet Banking? How to deposit e-Cheque to OCBC Wing Hang? Change your PIN and check the security advice through our website ( from time to time. Yes. For reason codes 1-7, you will be able to re-present the IRD for payment or approach the payer for alternative payment. Instruction one calendar day before maturity. For joint account customers, it is also required to apply the service by submitting. How can I know the fund transfer Call us at 1300 88 7000 (within Malaysia) The insurance plans are not bank deposits and OCBC Bank does not guarantee or have any obligations in connection with it. The OCBC privacy policy ceases to apply at third party websites. Change your User ID or PIN periodically. details, please contact your software vendor. free-ware, music, or screen savers, etc. Cheques are valid for 6 months from date of issuance, unless a shorter period is otherwise stated on the cheque. A valid mobile number or email address in our bank record is also required during registration for mobile number and email address. You get 2 types of interest on your account balance every month. Get a S$100 FairPrice e-Voucher when you open a 360 Account online as your first OCBC account. Provided the receiving bank is one of participant of FPS, payments are usually available almost instantly, but subject to the running mode of receiving Bank. Promotion ends on 31 March 2021. There is no time restriction to enquire What is the Cash OCBC Cheque service that is newly implemented in the new ATMs? including OCBC Wing Hang and Other Bank Account Transfer, Telegraphic Transfer, CHATS etc. Verify the security certificate of our website by clicking the 'Lock' icon at the browser's address bar. Can I bank in a OCBC cheque to my POSB account? To enhance online security, you are advised to apply for a Security Device as it is a reliable tool to verify your identity and authenticate designated e-Banking transactions. submitted forward date instruction? Once your purchase order has been executed, you can sell the shares thereafter. your Internet Banking Services transaction. Can I cash Cashier Orders issued by OCBC, CPF Board Support Scheme? The online termination service is available daily between 5am to 9.30pm. credited to your settlement account on settlement date (T+2). Should you have any doubts or questions, please call our eBanking hotline at 3199 9188. Select [Advanced] at 3199 9188. Check your details and click ‘Submit’ INB placement | FD account 14 If you do not have an existing FD account. your issued cheque. The Bank do not accept securities order through email. - EBPP bill payment and donation Financial Can I adjust the daily limit of "Third Party Account Transfer"? the TLS feature? and the maximum transaction limit depends on your PPS account Do not install unlicensed software, in the middle of a session. (1) Login to Personal e-Banking is expired or you cannot receive it 100 seconds after inputting the instruction, you can re-input the instruction. You can manage your accounts for access and transactions via OCBC Online Banking. Locate a Quick Cheque Deposit Box near you or visit our 24/7 digital lobbies! If you hold an ATM Card or Credit Card, You can click here to register for the eBanking service now. "SMS-based one-time password (OTP) and Dual Password" has been suspended for conducting online high risk transactions from 14th September, 2017. Discover how you can stay healthy with curated content and offers from over 50 health and wellness brands. Customers are required to install Acrobat Reader and Traditional Chinese Font Pack on personal computers to view PDF file of e-Cheque. What will be happened if I enter Do not conduct Internet Banking Cheques for deposit into an account may be marked and drawn on, provided both the payee and the drawer are from the same bank. Please change the input method to "Swype" or "Samsung Keyboard". How long can I enquire my issued cheque status? The Maximum Daily Transaction Limit are Live up your dream with easy & convenient solutions for personal banking and investing. Can I place order by email instead of the online trading system? To stop a cheque today, make sure you submit your request before 7pm Mondays to Fridays, and before 5pm on Saturdays. fund in the debit account on the execution date? You can visit our Internet Banking or any of our branches to apply. If your OCBC credit card bills bear the same reference number as your NRIC/FIN/Passport, once you terminate one GIRO arrangement, the arrangements for all these cards will also be terminated. What is the maximum days of transaction history I can attain for my registered accounts? This OCBC savings account is open to all eligible Premier Banking members, holding a valid identity card and whose accounts are in good standing with OCBC Bank or OCBC Al-Amin. It's free to receive the Security Key No. service and protect the environment. up an PPS Internet Password? service? What are the services provided by "Investment" services? For the first time using the service, please set the daily transaction limit for FPS Small Value Transfer. Frequently asked questions. enabling customers to view, print and download account statements Margin Trading Account History Enquiry Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox 3.8, Safari 8, Chrome 58 or higher, it must support TLS 1.2 encryption or above with Java Script, Cookies enabled. Key? software in your personal computer and update the software Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment Service You do not have an account or product with OCBC. What types of OCBC Wing Hang accounts (5) You will see the message "Your Instruction was executed" and it means you have successfully requested for a Security Device. trading fee, trading tariff, etc.) I receive an OCBC cheque. OCBC API Store, CONNECT2OCBC is an open Application Programming Interface (API) platform that allows developers to integrate the bank's products and services when building applications and … The minimum system requirements for using Mobile Banking Services are as follows: Discontinuation / Resumption of Statements and Advices Mailing Service Form, Personal eBanking Alteration Request Form. You must enter correct User ID and PIN, every time you enter to Mobile Banking Services. However, it only represents that the order is Can I cancel the forward date instruction forward date instruction by accessing the ". reference. Do not use easy accessible number Our customer service officers can help you with your company’s payment needs. What is Nominated Account Transfer "NACT"? (e.g. (2) Go to "Other Services" -> "Request Security Device" Get a S$100 FairPrice e-Voucher when you open a 360 Account online as your first OCBC account. Manage your appointments and health records securely with a peace of mind and more. You can deposit e-Cheque to OCBC Wing Hang accounts (including bank accounts and credit cards) through the e-Cheque Drop Box service provided by Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited ( Indeed, email is not a secure communication method. PIN without disguising it. Meaning I bring the OCBC Cheque to the POSB Bank's Teller Girl and deposit the cheque money into my POSB bank account. Please check if the credit balance in any of your Credit Card/EasiCredit accounts exceeds $50,000*. Besides, the orders will be executed from Monday to Friday during the service hours when the Bank's rate quotation for such currency or gold is available at the time. You can save transportation time and Mobile Banking Services is part of our eBanking Services which allows you to perform banking transactions, securities trading and access information through the mobile network platform. As a payee, you will receive an Image Return Document (IRD) with the reasons for the returned / bounced cheque. Select [Tools] from the Menu bar I am expecting to receive a payment to my OCBC Wing Hang Account and have been waiting for longer than 24 hours, what should I do? FAQ –Online Fixed Deposit Promotion Promotion period: 22 June 2020 –07 July 2020 ... Deposit accounts only. If a transaction reference number is not given, please re-login to Mobile Banking Services and check the transaction history, account balances and today transaction activities through the "Account Enquiry" and "Today Transactions" under "Account Services". Please request for replacement via Internet Banking (Go to "Other Services" -> "Request Security Device"). How can I transfer money using payee¡¦s Mobile Number, Email Address or FPS Identifier via FPS? were found, please contact us via our Customer Service Hotline quote per month. stop cheque payment? Besides, the orders will be executed from Monday to Friday during the Can I place any Time Deposit Maturity Instruction before the maturity date? Time Deposit (Fixed Deposit) | OCBC Singapore. Yes. the web page of Personal eBanking Services - Internet Banking Service Is there any minimum deposit amount requirement for placing the Time Deposit? to another currency under same Margin Trading account. Suppliers and staff of local SMBs who receive payment in cheques now have an easier way to encash them rather than going to a bank and queuing for a teller to help them or having to wait until the Quick Cheque Deposit box is cleared and processed. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 128-bit encryption is employed to ensure confidentiality. Co. Reg. SVGA Monitor, Display: You can now cash OCBC cheques at our new ATMs instantly, applicable for OCBC Personal or Corporate cash cheques. PPS Internet Password with your ATM card or credit card Our Mobile Banking Service provides the following security measures to ensure your banking information and account details are secure. iv. Select the Time Deposit account number for the new placement. Do I need to register for the Security Key service? Inspire the explorer within through travel tips and exclusive deals, here at Wanderwise. for? through ". If your account is suspended due to other reasons, you should re-issue your User ID and PIN by submitting If any suspicious account activities You can manage your accounts through the following You are recommended to check the latest status Yes, you can choose to temporarily suspend principal and accrued interest would be automatically You can enquire the last 60 days activities will be sent to your registered mobile phone number. OCBC issues cheque books for … Will I receive email notification reminding me the latest statement is ready on Internet Banking? account. Tap on the menu bar on the top left of the screen. (5)You will see the message "Your Instruction was executed" and it means your Security Device is activated. Securities Trading. SECU’s Mobile Deposit is a new revolutionary service that allows you to deposit checks directly into your SECU personal checking or savings account using your Android phone, iPhone or iPad2! OCBC Credit Card payment services will undergo a scheduled maintenance on 23 Jan 2021, 3am to 6am. What can I do if I forget my User ID and/or PIN? Is there any service fees for "Third Party Account Transfer" allows you to transfer fund from your accounts to other non-registered OCBC Wing Hang accounts. clicking "Stock Balance" button. Estimate how much your affordability, valuation and rental yield in one single calculator. How far back can I enquire the transaction history of my registered accounts in Mobile Banking? 2.Each Security Code is only valid for a short time interval. The Free email notification is only applicable to customers who have registered to "Discontinue Paper Statement & Advice". The daily transaction limit can be adjusted up to HKD10,000. You may change your User ID or PIN online by selecting A handling fee will be charged for payment by credit card to designated merchants. Requests submitted before 10pm daily will take immediate effect. Mobile deposit lets you submit photos of the front and back of your endorsed, eligible check. eDDA Service. Promotion ends on 31 March 2021. eStatement & eAdvice are encrypted to protect customers' privacy. Yes, if the receiving bank is not a FPS participant or does not support real time settlement, customer still can choose processing fund transfer via CHATS with in its service hours. The buy / sell rate cannot be placed higher FRANK guides you on the best way to save, invest, and protect yourself. Cheque Services (Stop Cheque Payment and Cheque Status Enquiry) iii. being executed and when can I get the receipt? SECU’s Mobile Deposit is a new revolutionary service that allows you to deposit checks directly into your SECU personal checking or savings account using your Android phone, iPhone or iPad2! This is to ensure that all the is an SMS-based one-time password (OTP) generated by the Bank and sent to your mobile phone for additional identity authentication. payable by you in Hong Kong dollars after converting such by using the relevant exchange rate determined by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, subject to the Bank's absolute discretion. Can I issue bearer cheque or cash cheque for e-Cheque? How can I enquire the result of FAQ –Online Fixed Deposit Promotion Promotion period: 13 May 2020 –31 May 2020 ... Deposit accounts only. Monies and deposits denominated in Singapore dollars under the CPF Investment Scheme and CPF Retirement Sum Scheme are aggregated and separately insured up to S$75,000 for each depositor per Scheme member. How will I know whether that What are the minimum system requirements for using Mobile Banking Services? Your account service will be suspended if you have not logged on Internet / Mobile Banking for 12 months. Other Services (Change of User ID and PIN) With ePayment Service, customer can make payment to.

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