You might be someone who is obsessed with logging your dives and maybe you want photo records of the different marine creatures you saw and where you saw them. You can still edit JPEG photos, however, according to experts, shooting in RAW is better because it retains more information about the captured scene. It is not only waterproof (to 100 feet), but it is also freezeproof (to 14 degrees), shockproof (surviving drops from up to 7.9 feet), and dustproof. Are you just using it just for your own personal memories? Compared to the Olympus TG6, the Canon Power Shot G7X M3 is a bit more pricey at an estimated cost of USD750 for the camera and at least USD400 for the underwater casing. You’ve just completed your open water certification, you’re getting more and more comfortable in the water, and you think it’s time to invest in your first underwater camera to record your dive adventures. Our reviews of the top-rated beginner cameras with our buyer’s guide and comparison table will help you choose the right camera for you! front-facing LCD perfect for selfies underwater 1.4-inch front color display, action camera great for any outdoor activity above or underwater, waterproof to only 10ft, underwater housing required, challenging to take macro or close up shots, will need to purchase accessories, additional costs for housing and accessories, has a unique set of sensors that automatically track ocean data which scientists can use, does not need underwater casing and filters, shaped to fit nicely in the palm of your hand and can easily be operated with neoprene gloves, more expensive compared to other point and shoot cameras, waterproof to up to 50 feet so you can use it without a case for shallow dives, underwater casings are available if you dive deeper, allows for additional accessories like wide-angle lenses and strobes, underwater pre-sets and manual mode settings, variety of choices for underwater casing and accessories, considered to be one of the best vlogging cameras in the market, shorter battery life compared to its predecessor, more expensive compared to the the MII considering the minimal upgrades, excellent reviews from underwater photographers, better battery life and focal length compared to the Canon G7X MIII. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 46.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'} Or maybe you already know a bit of photography and want to expand your skills and experience. Best Scuba Diving Camera for Beginners Runner Up: SeaLife DC2000 The SeaLife is another rugged compact and is a decent alternative to the Olympus Tough TG-5. While some of you might be happy with a simple point and shoot camera, others might want something that has an aperture priority or manual setting. prime. +1 310-633-5052 /*-->*/. Choosing a camera can be a daunting process and there can be a lot of options to choose from. The Vaquita is the latest version from the first Paralenz camera, with big upgrades. The GoPro currently retails at an estimated USD450 and the underwater housing is at USD50. This list contains recommendations for scuba divers who have minimal or no experience in photography. Having a manual mode gives photographers more freedom and flexibility when it comes to camera settings. ( CHECK PRICES) Olympus Tough TG-6. ]]>*/, Hint: You can save money and get the Olympus TG-5, */ Mirrorless cameras and DSLR have more features and stronger shooting capabilities which is why professionals prefer using either of these two. The device consists of two parts: HD LCD monitor and the underwater camera. The GoPro is a popular choice as an underwater action camera for beginners. This camera costs approximately USD400 making it one of the more affordable underwater diving cameras for beginners in this recommendation list. Not to mention shockproof, drop-proof, dustproof and freezeproof. It has 20 common Scene Modes like Night Landscape or Portrait. Beginner Mirrorless Cameras 6. You could be buying something within your budget only to find out it’s not meeting your photography objectives. You can also add strobes and video lights to help enhance your photos and videos. Criteria for Choosing the Best Scuba Diving Camera for You, My Personal Choice of Underwater Camera for Scuba Diving, Best Underwater Action Cameras Recommendations for 2021, Best Underwater Compact Camera for Beginners Recommendation for 2021, Buy Olympus Tough TG6 Underwater Casing on Amazon, Buy Canon G7X MIII Underwater Casing on Amazon, 5 Underwater Photography Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid As A Beginner, 10 Underwater Photography Etiquettes You Need to Master, 85 of the Best Tips on Underwater Photography for Beginners, 85 of the Best Tips on Underwater Photography …, why you want to get into underwater photography and your objectives, setting your requirements for camera features, I could use it for other outdoor activities and, Multiple camera settings like Manual Mode that will allow me to shoot in different conditions on land and underwater, Versatile so I can use it for both scuba diving and travel photos, Something I can use with strobes and wet lenses, waterproof up to 30m (100 feet) so no underwater casing required, waterproof only up to 30m limited to use for deeper dives. One of the best options available for an underwater fishing machine is the Marcum Recon 5 model. Some camera are able to give you custom white balance while others will not have this feature. #3 MarCum Recon 5 Underwater Fishing Camera. You probably learned in your open water scuba diving course that at certain depths colors “disappear” or change. As someone who has been a Canon user most my life, brand was the reason why I ended up NOT purchasing the Sony RX 100. The Nikon Coolpix W300 is a waterproof, freezeproof, shockproof and dustproof camera you would want to take with you in your adventures. Having the option to change lenses that can make a huge difference in the outcome of an image. I realized that I also enjoyed sharing my dives to a larger audience and ultimately wanted to advocate for the ocean. ), dust & freezeproof (to -10C/14F), perfect for photos or video anywhere The Nikon W300 is a great underwater camera for beginners. [CDATA[/* >*/,